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McGregor Lawn Services and Landscape of Rochester MI
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United States
Rochester Hills
311 Marquette dr
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Lawn Care Services
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We offer
Weekly Lawn Care Services & Weekly Lawn Cutting Mowing Services
Service includes bi-weekly edging. First may be additional charge.

Tree Planting
Tree Sculpting
Tree Trimming
Tree Removal

Shrub Planting
Shrub Trimming
Shrub Pruning
Shrub Removal

Spring/ Fall Clean-Up And Leaf Removal
Weeding (Bed Maintenance)
Expert Ground Maintenance

Gutter Cleaning

Our service is unique in the area of quality, we do the absolute best we possible can with every service we offer! We go the extra mile to ensure we clean up after ourselves to make it look like we were never there! When we clean your gutters or trim your shrubs we haul all the debris away! About our lawn services, we cut your grass at 4 inches unless requested different to allow your grass a full true green look and appeal. Cutting the grass at 4 inches allows the grass to choke out and overcrowd any weeds that may attempt to infiltrate your lawn. Many people don't know but if you actually cut your grass shorter, it will grow faster. Many people also don't know, cutting the grass short easily allows for a hay day when it comes to the weeds, cutting the grass short essentially invites any seed that lands on your lawn to germinate. We are professionals, we have been doing this all of our lives. Let us, help you. It is our passion to cut grass, we enjoy it as much as you enjoy your hobbies. Even in the heat, the summer sun is sweet! We love fresh air and great looking lawns. For more information or to schedule any of our services please call 248 929 LAWN - 2489295296