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Lake Bluff Inn and Suites
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Lake Bluff Inn and Suites is a South Haven Michigan hotel, resort, and family vacation hide-a-way… perfect for family reunions, and wedding receptions. A romantic luxury suites with jacuzzis, fireplaces, mini kitchen, DVD Players and a breathtaking panoramic view. Tan in the sun, relax beneath the shade trees or sit and watch a gorgeous sunset.

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan…Lake Bluff Inn and Suites is a hotel, resort, family vacation hide-a-way, with wonderful views of Lake Michigan.

The legendary Barnum & Bailey circus may have been the first to coin “The Greatest Show on Earth” but anyone who has visited Michigan’s west coast knows a thing or two about great shows. You see, nearly every night the show begins unceremoniously as the sun makes her way slowly toward the western horizon. The sky fills with a magnificent array of yellows, oranges, blues, purples, reds and pinks to create an unforgettable palate that seems to calm your soul and almost call for you to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Perched 70 feet above the water’s edge the bluff at Lake Bluff Inn & Suites is the perfect place to sit back and unwind in the splendor of what truly is a unique experience. Many sunset enthusiasts boast of the ‘Green Flash,” a phenomenon that occurs at the precise second that the sun’s disk tips over the horizon. Experts say that the flash of light is just a mirage or an optical phenomenon caused by the refraction of light off a clear horizon. But for those of us that have witnessed the end of the day show, that isn’t always green but sometimes yellow or blue or even violet, know the majesty is in the moment. In Michigan there truly is no better show on earth!