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Genuine working spells
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Hey everyone here, My name is Mary Mather, iam here to appreciate the wonderful help Mum Latibu gave me after a number of painful years in my marriage. I was so happy in a marriage with my husband but after sometime, My hubby changed totally and he became a stranger to me. He abandoned me with my three children for four years for another young girl from the university which was a very painful experience. I wiped to the extent that my kids used to cry with me as I failed to sleep on my own bed in our own house where my husband left. I lost weight as I couldn’t eat and I hardly taken care of my own children as I was hurting too much. I Started looking the age which wasn’t my actual age, I looked too old physically because of depression, and I developed high blood pressure, If my cousin Loren hadn’t told me about a God sent mother, Mum Latibu ,who covered me with a white cloth, did a prayer for me and removed all the bad spells that were on me and had taken my husband away from me, She charged me R450 for the prayers, my life would have been empty without a man forever. AM SO HAPPY TO SHARE WITH YOU. If you have similar troubles you can Contact Mum Latibu +27727598382/+27110746385 or email her at: or browse her website for more: