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Travis Robinson
United States
22 E 12th St
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hood cleaning, kitchen exhaust cleaning, commercial vent hood cleaning
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Maximum Health, Safety, and Efficiency For Your Commercial Kitchen
It’s your legal responsibility to keep your kitchen hoods clean, but there are many more reasons to let MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning handle your kitchen exhaust system cleaning. You’ll also find that, after our services, your entire kitchen will be cleaner, and the difference will be noticeable to everyone. The air will smell better, and all the surfaces in your restaurant will feel cleaner as well. You can reduce sickness among your employees and create a happier work environment for everyone when your kitchen is professionally cleaned.
Also, you’ll be reducing the risk of a fire in your commercial kitchen. Clean equipment not only makes your safety inspector happy, but it also reduces the chance of a small fire spreading into the exhaust system and causing serious damage to your restaurant. Kitchen fires can be devastating no matter how big or small they are, so preventing them altogether is your best bet.
Our Hood Cleaning Service Is Done Right the First Time!
MidAtlantic Hood & Duct Cleaning will clean your kitchen hoods and exhaust system thoroughly, and when it’s all said and done, it will be at a price you can afford! We never overcharge for services that local businesses need, and you’ll always get far more than you bargain for with us! We complete our services quickly, making sure not to damage your system. Our services will help you avoid costly equipment repairs and replacements in the future as well, so we’ll save you money in more ways than one.
Just call our toll free number 1-866-804-9157 to get in touch with us or contact us by email info@midatlantichd.com.
MidAtlantic Hood & Duct
22 E 12th St
Wilmington, DE 19802
(302) 990-0899
24 hours.